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Blog Review Tomorrow!

May 2, 2011

Hi guys, I’m just starting to go over your blogs, sitting here at the Harvard Coop bookstore (which seems sadly to in fact be Barnes and Noble in disguise) and I have noted that many of you have woefully out of date blogs, even considering the fact that I haven’t asked you to do anything in over a month.

I have listed everything I expected on the Blog and many of you haven’t done even a fraction of that. So I have to ask you why not? And what will I need to do to get students to pay attention to the blog? Will I need to grade it weekly? Right now I’d like to ask you all to go over each other’s blog–yes yet again I am going to ask you to self-correct and give a presentation on each other’s blog. At the risk of missing someone, I want you each to take the person whose name appears above your name (first person–Adrian–you take the last person–Sarah Denney)–I want you to look over their blog and find out what is covered and what is not covered. Then tomorrow during our skype class you will present your partner’s arguments and what he/she has done on his/her blog this semester. See you all tomorrow at 1:40/4:40 my time….



Public Art/Large Art

March 31, 2011

Choosing one of  the following Options

1)  Create a large scale central piece on the ASU campus.

  1. using nothing physical for the actual art
  2. using objects

2) Create a large-scale piece in numerous pieces across campus

  1. using nothing physical for the actual art
  2. using objects

3) See any options above in a site specific to Phoenix, Scottsdale or another area location.

4) Create a non-site specific piece

5) Design your own parameters

The Final Assignment Must address:

  • Manifestation
  • Execution
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Anticipated outcome of Viewers experience (this of course can be general but it should give an idea of the ways in which you would see this piece being experienced and perceived.)
  • Duration (will this piece stay up for minutes, hours, weeks, years?)

It could include

  • Mock ups
  • Actual pictures of the site and drawings and/or renderings of the work
  • A simulated experience
  • Other stuff I haven’t thought of here

The Term “Cyberspace”

March 28, 2011

For some reason it has been eating away at me, this idea that the term cyberspace is archaic and means the same things as the internet. Its not the same thing exactly and I go to my good friend Wikipedia to elaborate:

Public Art/Big Art

March 28, 2011

The next section we will cover in this class is about the expanding possibilites for image making, presentation and dissemination thanks to digital technology. For this next assignment you will be put into a group of 3 people and you will be asked to brainstorm and propose a larger than life project using images. Imagine and articulate something you would do with  substantial resources and funds. Or perhaps you can imagine something that will just take a lot of time and effort. See how big you can dream and then explain it and plan it.

  • What would this look like? (what is it?)
  • Where would it be? (the site)
  • Who would the audience be?
  • How will you begin to research the execution of this project?


  • How would the issues we’ve discussed in this class manifest themselves in this work?
  • How will the work be fabricated/performed/exhibited?
  • What will the cost of this project be? (Materials, fabrication, labor)

Book Assignment Responses

March 28, 2011

Assignment 1 (Found Book)

1) Describe how you found your book–give us an idea of where and how you searched. How happy are you with what you found. If you don’t like your book very much I would STRONGLY suggest that you go back and find one that you really like. I am, I’m not kidding, going to grade you based on how good the book is that you found. Some of you clearly did not put in enough effort.

2) Choose a classmates found book and critique it.


Part 2 (Your Book)

3) Write a review of your classmates book.  Going up on the Blogroll, review the person whose name appears above yours. You will be graded on the quality of your engagement.

4) Discuss how you made the decisions to create the book you created. How do you feel about the result? What will you do differently the next time? Would you consider putting this book up for the public to see? Why or why not? What would make you change your mind?



Late Mid-Term Evaluation of Your Blogs Next Week

March 28, 2011

As of Next Week I will check your blog and give a past the mid term assessment

The following items must be on your blog–most of these assignments are detailed on this blog:

  • 838 Assignment
  • Response to classmate’s 838 Assignment
  • Response to the 24 Hour Assignment
  • Benjamin Questions
  • McLuhan Questions
  • Response to Van Koten Article
  • Response to ethics and porn discussion and articles (see topics if you need to identify them)
  • Work Flow Assignment comments
  • Work Flow Assignment (sent to me as PDF or Word Doc)
  • Family Assignment and the Family Questions

New Assignments Due Next Week:

  • Assessment of the Family Assignment (see posting above)
  • Book Assignments (see posting above)

And of course the expectation that you are participating and posting to the Facebook Page

Spring Break

March 16, 2011

Hi All,

I am sure that this week you are allowing yourselves to think about other things, but I want to remind you that I expect several things when we return:

1) Books that you have created ready for critique

2) Books/publications that you have found ready for critique

3) Your blog caught up–that means that you have answered questions and gone over all the assignments and the readings, critiqued each others first assignment and everything else that I ask you to do on this. Consider this a mid-term.

4) And also remember that the above is the minimal requirement, I expect that you will be bringing ideas, articles, images and art into the conversation. The blog is a big part of your grade and even if you can do it at the last minute you will not be given much credit for it, as it’s meant to be part of a conversation.


So get working. I hope you are all having a better spring break than I am, which is being spent by my father’s bedside in the ICU in Traverse City, Michigan, an uncommon spring break destination. Get your blogs done–It will keep me occupied.